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Why would you join the non-profit Weston A. Price Foundation?

  • Because you want to be part of a real food movement that is showing results! You may have noticed that the media is saying things like ‘Why Butter is Back’ and other ‘new’ ideas – that are actually old ones – that WAPF has been endorsing all along. WAPF is a non-profit group that is working towards restoring nutrient-dense foods to the diet through education, research and activism.
  • Because based on reliable scientific research and historical evidence, WAPF educates you about why to eat nutrient-dense foods.
  • Because you want what they are working towards – greater access to nutrient-dense foods like real milk, grass-fed meat, eggs and dairy, and wild seafood; as well as wide education about the value of these foods and others like fermented foods, saturated fats, properly prepared grains and bone broth.
  • Because WAPF, through a system of 600 volunteers worldwide helps you find local, nutrient-dense foods by supporting local farmers and sustainable, non-toxic agriculture.
  • Because WAPF is changing the way people eat. They have played a significant role in bringing back to the table bone broth, fermented foods, healthy fats and oils and pastured animal products. WAPF strongly supports the education about and access to real milk – unpasteurized, healthy milk that has been a healthy addition to many people lives.
  • Because WAPF educates about the dangers of certain foods like soy.
  • Because this non-profit foundation needs your support. 60% of their funds come from our low membership fees ($50 Canadian). This registered charity is supported by membership dues and private donations and receives no funding from the meat or dairy industries.
  • Because you get the highly regarded 120+ page quarterly journal which many people say is the one magazine they read cover to cover. The journal is loaded with science-based articles and practical help plus great ads, letters, healthy baby photos and more.

Please consider supporting our volunteer work by becoming a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation today!

Join us – click here to take out a membership!


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