Local Farms


Please note that listed here are local producers that are using non-toxic, regenerative farming methods as much as possible.  However, as a consumer, please confirm the details of feed, etc. with your farmer as this can change, subject to availability of organic feed on the island, for example.

Alderly Grange

Nikki and Dani Tate-Stratton
5566 Alderley Road, Saanich
Telephone: Nikki 250-658-5448
Dani 250-516-2424
Heritage pork (wieners, whole, half, sausages, individual costs), and lamb naturally on pasture without hormones or preventive antibiotics.  Ridley Bronze turkeys, duck.

ALM Organic Farm

Mary Alice Johnson & Marika Nagasaka
3680 Otter Point Road, Sooke
Tel: 250-642-2131/250-642-3671
Pork, eggs.

Babe’s Honey Farm

4150 Blenkinsop Rd, Victoria
Brandon Schwartz
Telephone: 250-658-8319
This 75 year old farm is Western Canada’s favourite source of raw, local honey.

Barefoot Farm

Contact Amy Rubidge
2263 Kemp Lake Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-1527
Pasture raised, veggie-fed, antibiotic/hormone free eggs.  Farm gate sales year round.

Bellafinca Farm

2858 Phillips Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-2799
Free range eggs, roasting chicken.

Bella Terra Farm

Sylvia Hancock and Jill Winstanley
2360 Kemp Lake Road, Sooke
Beef, poulty, cheeses.

Bennett Farms

Bill Bennett
3081 Goudie Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-2611
Beef, 1/4 and 1/2 sides, hamburger, grass fed, non-GMO.
Local sales, phone orders.

Boughneath Farm

Lynn Reimer and Duncan Reimer
1388 Tapping Road, N. Saanich
Telephone: 250-656-3198
Healthy beef, broth bones, no hormones, no antibiotics. Raised with sustainable methods.

Cackleberry Hill Farm

Natalie Dionne and Dave Sell
2620 Kemp Lake Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-3434
Lamb, rabbit, organic eggs, meat chickens, layer heritage chicks.

Cast Iron Farms Co-operative

2385 Philips Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-5445
Organically grown rabbit, foraging duck and eggs.

Cross Point Farm

Chuck Minten
2598 Sunnybrae Road, Shirley
Telephone: 250-646-2077
Sheep, eggs.
Call ahead for availability.

Dan’s Farm

2030 Bear Hill Road, Saanichton
Telephone: 250-652-9100
Fax: 250-652-9103
Frozen beef and lamb, fresh and frozen chicken, free range eggs.

Elysian Fields

Free-range eggs: duck, chicken, guinea, goose.  All colours, vegetarian fed, no antibiotics, chemicals, CRD/VIHA licensed.
Email preorder for farm gate pickup/delivery.  Heritage breed chicks, fertile eggs, tours, classes @ Metchosin farmers market on Sundays or email.

Far Side Farm

Robert and Linda Johnson
4660 Otter Point Place, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-2035
Lamb, herbs, flowers and vegetables.  Lamb orders by email, occasional farm stand.

Farm 1740

Jeff & Lhasa Hetherington
1740 Koksilah Road, Cowichan Bay, BC
Email:  farm1740@gmail.com

Farm 1740 is a small farm specializing in naturally and humanely raised, non-gmo, pastured poultry, pork, lamb, bone broth, eggs, lard and more. Our farm store is open most days. However, if you are making a special trip it’s a good idea to send us an email so we can make sure that we are here!

The Fickle Fig Farm

Chris Margetts & Mitchell Morse

5630 Alderley Rd, Saanich, BC
Telephone: 778-919-7744
Email:  info@theficklefig.ca
Pastured pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, and lamb; chicken/duck eggs.  All animals are fully pastured, fed organic, non-GMO feed.  CSA program and a wide selection of fruits/veggies.

Fir Bank Farm

2834 Island View Road, Saanichton
Telephone: 250-652-0016
Farm-fresh eggs.
Wednesday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm year-round.

Gill-Power Hobby Farm

James Gill and Rosalie Power
2124 Millicent Avenue, Shawnigan Lk.
Telephone: 250-743-1990
Fresh omega-3 eggs, roasting chickens and New Zealand rabbits for pelts and consumption.
Farm is open by appointment only.

Haliburton Community Organic Farm

741 Haliburton Rd
Victoria BC V8Y 1H7
Voice Mail:  250-658-0758

Fresh produce, free range eggs, veggie starts & native plants are available for purchase at the farm stand.  Haliburton Community Organic Farm offers an extraordinary combination of expertise, in certified organic farming methods, ecosystem restoration and biodiversity, and holistic nutrition. We have developed a curriculum tailored to students wishing to learn organic farming within a place-based, ecological context.

The Happy Goat

5060 McLay Road, Duncan, BC
Telephone:  250 701 7533
Cheese, poultry, meat and pasture-raised eggs. Farm gate poultry & meat sales are by appointment only. See website for cheese sales locations.

Henry & Jones Grass Fed Beef

Telephone:  Grant @ 250-715-5154
Pastured, humanely-raised-and-slaughtered beef and pork.

Heritage Farm/Starling Ln. Vineyard

John and Jacqueline Wrinch & Family
5271 Old West Saanich Road
Telephone: 250-479-4769
Fresh eggs daily.

InishOge Farm

Steve Unger and Mary Coll
6698 Helgesen Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-4792
Pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, turkey soup bones from organically raised turkeys $1.50/lb. Permaculture workshops.  Phone orders and Sooke Market.

Ireland Farms

1910 Meadowbank Road, Saanichton
Telephone: 250-652-3251
Fax: 250-652-3251
Naturally raised organic beef, pork, lamb, raw natural pet food.  Free range, no antibiotics or growth stimulants. Naturally raised organic free range chicken and turkey.

Kildara Farms

Brian, Daphne, Michael, David & Sarah
11293 Chalet Road, North Saanich
Telephone: 250-655-3093
Certified organic pork, certified organic chicken, eggs.

Livin’ the Dream Farm – Your Local,
Beyond Organic, Regenerative, Small Farm

The Greenwood Family
10069 West Coast Rd
Shirley, British Columbia
Fresh salad and seasonal veggies, as well as fresh teas which are dehydrated at a raw delicate temperature to keep them alive and nutritious. Salves and body butter with plants grown on the farm and infused for 10 weeks in organic cold pressed olive oil.

Lost Savanna Farm

Britt & Kris Arbanas
7521 Sturgess Road, Black Creek
Certified Organic and Biodynamic.  Pastured chickens, eggs, 100% grass fed lamb, pastured rabbit.  Also from the farm store: body butters and balms, dental care, deodorants, and soaps.  The farm is always open and welcome to visitors!

Madrona Farm

David and Nathalie Chambers
4317 Blenkinsop Road, Saanich

Facebook Madrona-Farm-The-Stand

Madrona Farm, is in the territory of the Coast Salish and Songhees First Nations. We are Eco-Cultural-Food growers; practice Agroecology and operate our farm as close to a natural ecosystem as possible, we are 100% chemical, pesticide and insecticide free:

All vegetables are picked fresh every morning, left overs all go to the food bank. We encourage all eaters to develop a relationship with their farmer and visit the farms they eat from and look for the birds, bees and the frogs….We grow 108 varieties of fruit and vegetables, 12 months a year to 4000 customers and 14 restaurants. Located at 4317 Blenkinsop Rd we are one of the closest farms to the city. Open Wed to Sat 11-6.

Meadowbrook Farmily

Laura and Elizabeth and Families
205 Meadowbrook Road, Saanich
Telephone: 250-479-7166
Beef, pork – Vegetable, grain and grass fed; organic chicken, no growth hormones/antibiotics.  Pepperoni.  Also, occasionally have bones (beef and pork) available – just ask.  Sold all year.   Pre-order to purchase fresh whole roasting chicken.

Metchosin Farm

Fiona Hamersley Chambers
Address : 542 Wootton Road, Victoria
Fresh farm eggs.  Farm stand every day.

Michell Bros Farm

The Michell Family
2451 Island View Road, Saanichton
Telephone: 250-652-6770
Beef – pasture raised hormone and antibiotic-free.  Broth bones also available.
Open daily all year.

Moonstruck Organic Cheese

1306 Beddis Road, Salt Spring Island
Telephone:  250-537-4987
Julia Grace (cheesemaker) and Susan Grace (farm manager) have been producing cheese at Moonstruck since 1998. Makers of fine organic cheese using the fragrant milk from a small herd of purebred Jersey cows.

Morningstar Farm, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery

403 Lowry’s Rd, Parksville
Telephone: 250-954-3931
Artisan cheeses.

Mrs. Lewers Farmhouse

Ellen Lewers
5526 Sooke Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-812-2830
Chicken and eggs.
On-farm market Monday thru Saturday 9:00 am–2:00 pm.  Phone/email orders.

Olde Country Registered Sheep

Lorea Tomsin
Telephone: 250-656-2378
Pasture perfect market lamb.  Cut & wrapped whole lamb or by the piece.  Seven varieties of lamb sausage by the pound.  Lorea is very involved with Inter Island Sheep Breeders Association and offers education and support for all things sheep.  Good sized bag of broth bones $5.

Omnivore Acres

2888 Dooley Road, Victoria, BC
Telephone: (778) 426-4477
Free range, omega 3 eggs, pasture raised, veggie fed chicken and pork, charcuterie from on-farm store.

Orveas Creek Organics

Glyse and Paul Clarkston
2513 Clark Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-2232
Turkeys, chickens and eggs.
Clark Road Farm Stand and phone orders.

Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Metchosin, B.C.

Lorraine and John Buchanan and family.
Phone 250-478-9628 for whole and half lamb freezer orders, custom cut.
Retail portions of lamb, mutton and chicken can be purchased at our farm store at 4198 Stillmeadow Road in Metchosin.  We are open every Saturday from noon until 3:00.
Email: contact@parrybaysheepfarm.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/parrybaysheepfarm
Website: parrybaysheepfarm.com/wordpress/

Parry Bay Sheep Farm is a mixed farm that has been operating for thirty-five years in the Metchosin area.  Our sheep graze on leased properties in Metchosin, the Highlands, North Saanich and the Mt. Newton Valley.  Our lamb can be found in many butcher shops and restaurants in Victoria. We also grow wheat, which is used by Wild Fire Bakery and Portofino.  We strive to farm in a sensible and sustainable way.  We use manure as much as possible for nutrient on our fields, and rotate crops for maximum soil health.  Our chickens have access to a large grassy outdoor chicken run, as well as an indoor area to keep them out of the winter wet weather. With the exception of a few weeks mid-winter when our ewes have access to the barn at home to keep them out of the mud and to get extra care before they lamb, they and their lambs spend their lives outdoors, grazing the fields. 

Providence Farm

1843 Tzouhalem Road, Duncan
Telephone: 250-746-4204
Fresh eggs.

Ragley Farm

Rob and Josephine Hill
5717 East Sooke Road, East Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-7349
Organic eggs.
April to Dec. 11:00 am–2:00 pm (coffee at 10:30).

Red Earth Farm

Lindsey Snelling and Matt Nelson
7885 East Glen Place, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-5883
Free-range eggs, pesticide free.
Sooke Country Market, phone or email orders.

Sacred Circle Farm

Kat Mattice
2319 Kemp Lake Road, Sooke
Telephone: 778-425-0507
Email: sacred_circle_farm@hotmail.com
The owner is dedicated to preserving local food cultures and has over 37 years micro dairy and farm experience. Traditional farm practices are honoured to create ethical slow foods that heal as well as nourish the body and soul. The farm’s Saanen goat herd has never been vaccinated and their bloodlines date back over 60 years. All dairy animals are milked by hand. All farm animals are treated with dignity and respect.
Heritage Saanen Dairy Goats – Honest Free Range Eggs – Free Range Organic Turkey – Free Range Organic Chicken.  Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs & Plant Starts – Farm Mentorship Programs – Volunteering Opportunities.  No products contain soy, GMO, growth/fertility hormones, antibiotics or vaccines.  Email & Phone Orders – Deliveries can be arranged for large orders

Saanich Organics

1438 Mt Newton X Rd
250 818 5807
Home delivery of certified organic vegetables, eggs and berries.
Also available  at Moss Street Market and James Bay market.

Sea Bluff Farm

565 Wootton Road, Metchosin
Certified organic eggs.
Farmstand Tuesdays and Saturdays 9-6pm, fresh vegetables, berries and eggs.  We are in transition to certified organic and hope to be fully certified spring 2015.

Shiloh Forest Farm

Steve and Fiona Thiessen
3449 Slaney Road, Qualicum Beach
Shiloh Forest Farm is a 66 acre farm in the Hilliers area producing ethically, and sustainably raised food:  Grass-fed Beef, Free Run Non-Gmo Turkeys and Chickens, Free range Duck and Chicken eggs and Heritage Pork.  Products available at the Farm also can be delivered.

Springford Farm

Colin & Diane; Ross, Erin & Parker; Clarice, Peter, Janel &Troy
1950 NW Bay Road, Nanoose Bay
Telephone: 250-468-7510
Beef, chicken, turkey, eggs.  A note from Springford Farm about broth bones: At this time we have a reasonably good supply of beef bones. Our available supply does vary from time to time so I’d advise you to call the Farm Store before coming. The price on the beef bones is $4.00 per pound. The Farm Store number is 250-468-7540 and we are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 10:00am-5:00pm.

Stillmeadow Farm & Parry Bay Sheep Farm

Violaine Mitchell & Tom Henry;
Lorraine & John Buchanan
Telephone: 250-478-9628
4198 Stillmeadow Road, Metchosin
All-natural lamb, and pork, free range chicken.
Farm Store Saturdays 12 – 3:00

Stonefield Farm

Pat and Brian Swan
1114 Deerwood Place, Mill Bay
Telephone/Fax: 250-743-3861
Naturally raised beef and pork without using antibiotics or added hormones.  Sides, quarters or meat packages available.  Naturally raised chickens, turkeys and eggs.

Three Sisters Farm

Nancy Bennett
Telephone: 250-642-0401

Farm eggs, standard and bantam available. Heritage breed hatching eggs and chicks, some bantam breeds.  Seasonal vegetables and fruits available. plant starts in season.  Jams, jellies,chutneys and other preserves using local produce available year round.

Sales at Sooke Country Market, Metchosin Chicken Swap, ASAAC and by appt.

Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery

8750 West Coast Road, Sooke
Dana LeComte and Bob Liptrot
Telephone: 250-642-1956
Mead, honey, wax, soap, wool, jelly, honeycomb.

Wind Whipped Farm

Alex & Virginie
4645 William Head Road, Metchosin
Telephone: 250-661-8099
Organically grown fruits and vegetable food box program for which Parry Bay and Stillmeadow Farms supply a meat and/or wheat add-on.  Please note:  Wind Whipped Farm is taking this year to work on improving the farm infrastructure to be able to increase  capacity for next year. They are looking forward to offering an improved and extended box program in 2016 so please get in touch if interested. For more information: www.thelocalfoodbox.com/stepping-2016/

Winterbourne Farm – Honey

Carol Harding
6531 Country Road, Sooke
Telephone: 250-642-7166
Sooke Country Market

Woodwynn Farms

7789 West Saanich Road, Saanichton, BC
Telephone: 1(250) 544-1175

Facebook:Homefulness at Woodwynn Farms
Email: General Inquiries: office@woodwynnfarms.org
Farm Market Inquires: market@woodwynnfarms.org
Founder & Executive Director Ricard Leblanc: richardl@woodwynnfarms.org

All organic and heirloom using regenerative farming practices. Pasture-raised GMO-free chicken and pork, produce and fruit, culinary herbs , organic herbal teas, infused vinegars, sauerkraut, bath salt blends.  Indoor Farm Market open year-round, Tuesday to Saturday 10 am – 4 pm. Closed Sunday, Monday and all statutory holidays.

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